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Education Services LLC has released a selection of premium internet domain names from its private portfolio for public sale on www.edsvcs.co. The collection includes more than 450 unique internet domains including many 5, 6, 7, and 8 character “.com” names and several collections of related names. Some collections include registered trademarks including EdFocus and GenEdAcademy.

“I have been acquiring internet domains and adding to my private collection continually since the early 1990’s, before most people had even heard of the Internet, and this is the first time I have offered many of these domains for sale.” Said Steve Klingler, Founder and CEO of Education Services LLC.

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Education Services LLC

Education Services LLC is a professional services firm specializing in workforce training and performance management through use of applied learning science and modern learning technology. Services include consulting, program design, creation of online and blended learning programs, learning technology evaluation and selection, and development and operations of custom learning platforms. The company supports learning systems running in private and public cloud infrastructure and AWS GovCloud.

Our Team


Steve Klingler

Founder and CEO
Steve founded Education Services LLC to channel his passions for helping people improve their lives and reach their potential through education and for growing profitable, sustainable, and competitive businesses.

Steve has deep experience with formal and informal education and training that spans more than 20 years in industry and 10 years in education leadership. He is a thought leader and innovator with degrees in Finance, Marketing, and Retail Management, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).


  • Founder and CEO, Education Services, LLC
  • Senior Vice President, The Princeton Review
  • Vice Chancellor, Center for Learning Innovation, Argosy University
  • Vice President of Student Experience, Western Governors University
  • Personalized Learning Network, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • President and Senior Consultant, Amplified Business LLC
  • Senior Vice President of Direct Sales, Basic Research
  • Senior Vice President, Tomax (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud)
  • President and Chief Technology Officer, Programming Solutions, Inc
  • Vice President of Software Development, IMS Software Corp
  • Vice President & General Manager, Clark Development Company
  • Vice Chairman of the Board, US Internet Industry Association

Julia Baker

Learning Engineer
Julia is passionate about building modern learning experiences that are relevant, engaging, and personalized, and that meet the learner where they are with active learning activities that hold their interest while developing true understanding and skills through application.

Julia worked as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor at the university while completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering before discovering that her real passion is for Learning Engineering. Her work experience spans several diverse industries, all of which reinforced her desire to help businesses of all types perform better by improving their employee training.


  • Learning Engineer & Instructional Designer, Education Services LLC
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator, Mopro
  • Entrepreneurship Club President and Business Consultant, Jeffery D Clark Center for Entrepreneurship, Utah State University
  • Engineering Teaching Assistant, Utah State University
  • Business Architecture and Change Management Summer Analyst, Goldman Sachs
  • IP Law Intern, Maschoff Brennan
  • Marketing Intern, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Sales Associate / Athlete, Nike
  • IT Business Analyst Intern, Western Governors University

Sydney Wines

Sydney finds joy in creating products and user experiences that delight the user and improve quality of life. Drawing upon her training as an Industrial Designer, she has a knack for incorporating user experience, product psychology, and ergonomics in her work.

Sydney creates digital and physical products and is equally comfortable with a mouse, stylus, pencil, or power tools in her hands. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from The Art Institute of California, is a Certified Pharmacy Technician, and has a consumer focused background in product design, graphic design, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.


  • Media Developer and Graphic Designer, Education Services LLC
  • Freelance Industrial Designer, Winesdesign Products & Consulting LLC
  • Package Design Consultant, HearLynk
  • Pharmacy Technician, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Customer Service Representative, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Sheet Metal Worker, Relic Sheet Metal
  • Sales Associate, Precision Time
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